Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gates McGarrah, Banker & Grandfather to Richard M. Helms

Gates W. McGarrah resigned as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to become the first Chairman of the Bank of International Settlements. His grandson was none other than Richard McGarrah Helms, CIA Deputy Director of Plans at the time of
the JFK Assassination. JFK was a staunch opponent of the Federal Reserve Bank. Fancy that.,9171,738526,00.html

Gates W. McGarrah, president of the B. I. S. (Bank for International Settlements) at Basle, Switzerland, which has replaced the defunct office for reparation payments in Berlin (TIME, Sept. 23, et seq.). Switzerland has worked wonders with Tycoon McGarrah. When he reluctantly resigned as board chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to go abroad and try to make the Young Plan work, no clam was closer, no Scotsman more cautious, dour. There was danger then lest reporters trap Mr. McGarrah into what could be construed as an admission that the B. I. S. might become "The World Bank," the omnivorous big brother, the dread competitor of the central banks of the world's nations.,9171,752651-2,00.html

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