Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did the Sabbatean/Frankist Global Elite Kill JFK?

Baron Guy de Rothschild

The Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminati removed JFK from the position of the presidency back in 1963. Why? Well they didn't want the Kennedys running their country like a real country.The Kennedys had absolutely no clue what they were getting involved with. America the myth and America the possession of the Sabbatean/Frankists are two different things. The former is a perception.The latter is the reality. The Kennedy's didn't know that America was a S/F entity. They thought they could remove the claws of the European bankers from the U.S. They didn't realize that the bankers owned the U.S. Nixon understood. Nixon's wife was related to an important Bilderberger. Nixon was a player. He was the intended candidate for the presidency in 1960. The Kennedy's muscled their way into the oval office. They paid dearly for their quixotic ambitions.

At the time of the Kennedy assassination, Guy de Rothschild was the head of the Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminist Network. He was the head of the Paris branch of the family bank at the time as well. That the French Corsican mafia had been implicated in the JFK assassination should not come as a surprise. Guy could have arranged that with a single phone call.

Israeli involvement in the assassination also points to the Rothschild group. They funded and guided the establishment of Israel. That would have been another phone call. Yitzchak Rabin was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was killed. A few years later Rabin and the Israeli Army would fight the Six-Day War with fighter jets provided by the French (Rothschilds).

Less than a month after the JFK assassination Sabbatean Frankists would proclaim their sovereignty over the U.S. in a public display with characteristic masonic irony. Guy de Rothschild would glare at the mourning American public from news stands across the land as his picture was put on the cover of Time Magazine for the Dec 20th 1963 issue. Sabbatean/Frankists had re-taken the oval office.

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wah fkir said...

Just a question about the picture exhibiting a chandelier, with typical forged iron shaped as part of deer wood, holding two candles above Rothschild's head. Could the two candles hint to the "devil's horns " ?
Thank you for your anxwer.

Anonymous said...

looks to me by the cut off candles it signifies two candles went out!