Monday, November 25, 2013

Rothschild Link to the JFK Assassination?

Did the Rothschilds provide secret funding to the JFK assassins? Perhaps the smoking gun linking the Rothschilds to the JFK assassination can be found a book about the Montreal Jewish mob and the building of Toronto.

Click on the link below and look closely at page 110:

Rothschild Link to the JFK Assassination via Tibor Rosenbaum & Permindex


Friday, November 22, 2013

Why The CIA Hired Corsican Gunmen to Shoot JFK?

                                                       James Jesus Angleton  (1917-1987),
                                        Chief of the CIA's Counter-Intelligence Staff 1954-1975

James Angleton, was chief of all CIA counter-intelligence, all over Europe. He worked with a guy named Cord Meyer,Jr in the CIA, who was a friend of Wendell Willkie and in favor of "One World", and was a poet.

                                                           Cord Meyer Jr. (1920-2001)
                                                                          CIA Officer

 Cord Meyer Jr was the bag-man who gave the money to Encounter through the foundations and figured out how to spread CIA money through foundations -

                                                      Encounter magazine funded by the CIA would go to, like, labor journalists, who would write anti-Communist columns denouncing the dock workers in Saigon going on strike against the American puppet. So it was a very complicated matter. They were the same group of people who paid off Corsican goons to take over those 1948 docks at Marseilles to prevent a strike against Marshall Plan arms being unloaded, thus giving the Marseilles docks into the hands of criminal elements who later trans-shipped all the heroin.

Source: Allen Ginsberg transcript -

                                                                    Alfred W. McCoy,
                                                            Author of The Politics of Heroin

Q: In 1972, Cord Meyer, a senior official in the CIA became aware of your manuscript and made efforts to have the book withheld from publication. Could you tell us more about this story?

McCoy: This entire story of the CIA's attempted suppression of the book was documented in an article that I did for the "New York Review of Books" in late 1972 and recounted, in brief, in a biography of Cord Meyer, Jr. by Merle Miller in "The New York Sunday Times Magazine." In brief, Meyer, then head of covert operations for the CIA, somehow learned of the book's contents while it was in press at Harper & Row in New York. He called on the company's publisher, a friend from New York social circles, to persuade him to suppress the book. Though the publisher refused that request, the company did agree, over my strenuous objections, to grant the Agency prior review, a dangerous transgression of constitutional protections. The US media reacted in rage and the Agency back off, producing a weak 14 page critique of the ms. and the book was published unaltered.

The French Connection: 
Did the CIA Hire Corsican Mobsters To Kill John F. Kennedy?

In the 1950s and early 1960s mobsters on both sides of the Atlantic commenced an extremely ambitious, complex (and hugely lucrative) conspiracy to smuggle billions of dollars of heroin from Europe to the United States, the notorious "French Connection."

The plot lasted for years and involved thousands of operatives – from opium farmers in Turkey to drug refiners in Sicily and ultimately to buyers in the hungry markets of the U.S.

Mobsters from the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, who used the mainland French city of Marseilles as a key transshipment point, played a key role in this heroin smuggling operation -- and may also have participated in the murder of an American president.

This is where a Frenchman named Antoine Guerini enters the murky picture.

Born in Marseilles, Guerini belonged to a French arms smuggling group during World War II and ultimately climbed to the top of the port city’s organized crime syndicates, which included a massive heroin smuggling business.

A journalist and author named Stephen Rivele alleged that in 1981 a Corsican gangster and drug trafficker named Christian David told him that Guerini organized the Kennedy assassination and that the actual shooters were a Corsican drug dealer and hitman named Lucien Sarti and two other Marseilles mobsters. (David allegedly turned down the murder contract himself.)

David told Rivele that prior to the assassination, Sarti flew from France to Mexico, then crossed the border to Texas, where he met someone from the Chicago mob. From there, they drove to Dallas.

After the successful hit on Kennedy, David alleged, the CIA knew about and covered up their activities, while the shooters were eventually spirited away to safety in Canada and back to Europe (perhaps with help from the Montreal mob).


                                                                 Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer and Cord Meyer, Jr.

Mary Pinchot was married to Cord Meyer,Jr. from 1945 to 1958.

 Allen W. Dulles, first Director of the CIA
                                                    hired Cord Meyer, Jr. personally. Kennedy
                                                    would fire Dulles after the  Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, (on right), was JFK's mistress from 1962 until the assassination. Here they are with Mary's mother, visiting the Pinchot family estate- Grey Towers, in Milford, Pa. 

The day after the assassination she told an intimate friend, "They couldn't control him anymore. He was changing to fast," (the couple experimented with LSD together) and that he was "learning to much." Presumably Kennedy was keen to hear about the deep dark secrets of the CIA, an agency he was eager to bring down.

17 days after the release of the Warren Commision report, Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered herself. before her body was cold, James Angleton was searching through her home looking for a diary which she had kept. The diary was eventually destroyed.
In a deathbed confession, Cord Meyer,Jr. was asked if he knew who had murdered his ex-wife. He replied that she was killed by "the same sons-of-bitches that killed Kennedy."

Now how would he know that?

Was he one of them?