Sunday, January 8, 2012

Much Can Be Learned From CIA's Cord Meyer's JFK Confession

Cord Meyer left the CIA in 1977. In his autobiography Facing Reality: From World Federalism to the CIA he wrote, "I was satisfied by the conclusions of the police investigation that Mary had been the victim of a sexually motivated assault by a single individual and that she had been killed in her struggle to escape." However his former personal assistant Carol Delaney later claimed, "Mr. Meyer didn't for a minute think that Ray Crump had murdered his wife or that it had been an attempted rape. But, being an Agency man, he couldn't very well accuse the CIA of the crime, although the murder had all the markings of an in-house rubout."

In February 2001 writer C. David Heymann asked Cord Meyer about Mary Pinchot Meyer's murder and he replied, "My father died of a heart attack the same year Mary was killed. It was a bad time." When asked who had murdered Mary Pinchot Meyer the retired CIA official, six weeks before his own death from lymphoma, reportedly "hissed" back, "The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy."

This is a very interesting statement.

Cord Meyer was one of the highest decorated CIA officials. His words should not be taken lightly. What can we learn from his words?

1. He knew who killed Kennedy.
2. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. (He wasn't alive to kill Mary Pinchot Meyer).
3. Meyer said "sons of bitches"." By using the plural, Meyer's statement is another proof that JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy (as if the "magic bullet" wasn't enough).

Now there was a long list of people and groups who have been implicated in the JFK assassination but of those, who would be interested in the murder of a divorced artist?

Wiki entry: reads:

"On October 12, 1964, eleven months after John F. Kennedy's assassination and two weeks after the Warren Commission report was made public, Pinchot Meyer finished a painting and went for a walk along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath in Georgetown. Mechanic Henry Wiggins was trying to fix a car on Canal Road and heard a woman cry out, "Someone help me, someone help me." Wiggins heard two gunshots and ran to a low wall looking upon the path where he saw "a black man in a light jacket, dark slacks, and a dark cap standing over the body of a white woman."

Pinchot Meyer's body had two bullet wounds, one at the back of the head and another in her heart. An FBI forensic expert later said "dark haloes on the skin around both entry wounds suggested they had been fired at close-range, possibly point-blank"."

This was a professional execution.

"the same sons of bitches that killed Kennedy."

Is it surprising that Angleton was rummaging through Mary Meyer's cottage before her body was even  cold looking for her diary?

James J. Angleton was head of CIA counter-intelligence. His job was to make sure we don't find out who killed Mary Meyer and JFK.

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I have always thought that the CIA and Mossad work together and do so now