Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The JFK Assassination: Spilling The Beans - Mary & Cicely - Part 2

The JFK Assassination: Spilling The Beans - Part 1

The JFK assassination whodunit is a huge jigsaw puzzle. You really need all the pieces. The great efforts of the vast researchers of the past 50 years have definitely supplied the rest of us with enough of the pieces to this great puzzle.

The two simple components to the mystery are:

1. Who murdered JFK.


2. Why?

Most researchers who have done their homework point the finger to the CIA.

They would be correct.

Other's would assert that The Fed was behind it.

They would also be correct.

Some would say the Global Elite operating the Global Central banking system was behind it.

Well, that too, would be correct.

The fact of the matter is that the conspiracy to assassinate the Prez was quite huge.

The Fed's efforts to thwart the presidential ambitions of Joseph P. Kennedy & Sons began soon after FDR fired JPK from his post as U.S. Ambassador to London. JPK got the inside scoop on the Int'l banksters after a few rounds of golf with then Prime Minister of England, Neville Chamberlain.

The banksters needed to raze and "clean-up" Europe to pave the way for their plan of a United Europe (EU). JPK thought the whole matter was a European issue and tried to keep the U.S. out of the coming war. His efforts to appease Hitler enraged FDR who subsequently canned him.

Vowing to pry the Banksters' claws from U.S. politics, Joseph P.Kennedy attempted to create a political dynasty with his sons. Under-estimating the power and reach of the Banksters, he ultimately failed.

With the  Banksters secretly controlling both sides of war they were able to whittle down JPK's chances of ever reaching his dream of a Bankster-free America. Joseph Kennedy's eldest son, Joe Jr., was ""murdered" in a "mysterious" explosion in the sky over Europe. Though impossible to prove, it was nothing less than a political assassination. The Bankster's also took aim at Joseph Kennedy's second son, the future president, JFK. While commanding a Motor Torpedo Boat, PT-109, JFK and crew were rammed by a Japanese destroyer. JFK, though injured had miraculously survived the first attempt on his life. His survival and his subsequent rise in American politics was a thorn in the side of the elite bankers of the Global Banking System. They would keep an eagle's eye on his political career and made quiet preparations should JFK actually make it to the Oval Office where he could a direct threat to their Bankers' Grand Scheme.

During times of war the enemies of the Banksters become easy prey. During peacetime the  removal  of enemies like the Kennedy's becomes more complicated.

Victims of the Banksters are not always political. Sometimes they take advantage of war to settle other types of scores. Sometimes marital. One ex-wife of an Int'l Banker had the audacity to cast off her marital name after what was likely a nasty divorce. During WWII, she was dragged from her house by the Nazis, kicking and screaming that she wasn't Jewish but a Roman Catholic! She was tortured thrown into a concentration camp and brutally murdered. This is documented.

It is an open secret that International bankers fund war. War costs money and some bank must provide the funds. All wars are also planned years in advance. They are designed to achieve aims that further the agenda of the most powerful among us. This is well-known. Never-the-less, this is completely hidden from mainstream media which is controlled by the same forces that generate the wars.

All enjoy the progress of civilization. The powers are pretty good about hiding the ugly, necessary evils along the way that enable their vision of the future.

The last thing the Banksters want is for the public to know that they and their associates were responsible for the death and destruction of both World Wars. The War Dep't and Intelligence Services responsible for World War II, for instance, placed maximum importance on maintaining a strict level of secrecy on their operations before, during and after the War.

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Loose lips sink ships.

During World War II, the war was secretly orchestrated by the intelligence agencies on both sides of the conflict. In actuality, the World Wars were not a wars but well-planned orchestrations. This fact is at the heart of the secrecy of the forces involved. On lower levels of the war effort, it is how do we beat the other guys, but in the highest levels it is how do we achieve this aim or that aim. Hitler could not have invaded Russia and destroy the Jewish populations had not Stalin receded and allowed the invasion to happen. When the Nazis were finished wiping out the Jews of Eastern Europe, Stalin moved in. It was all orchestrated. This is history that has yet to be written. Let those who have ears, hear.

As the JFK's political star began to rise, his successes were closely watched by Cold Warriors who kept the closely-guarded "orchestration"secrets of the second World War. One Cold Warrior, in particular watched the future president very closely. He knew that Kennedy was one degree away from the skeletons of the closet - the "Family Jewels.", The CIA's most closely guarded secrets. Remember, the CIA was born but six years after the end of WWII. There were secrets of WWII. The early members of the CIA knew them. They also had much blood on their hands. The secrets and their necks had to be protected at all costs.