Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stabilized Zapruder Film Reveals Driver's Hip-Shot There is sun glare reflecting off of the grease of the agent in the front passenger seat. This has been mistaken for the gleam coming off of a gun. The fatal shot was not over the shoulder of the Limo driver. It was a shot discretely and precisely unloaded from the right hip of the limo driver. Watch carefully the second time that the limo driver turns around to look at the president.Notice that he fires a gun with his left hand. The perfectly angled "hip shot" was, no doubt, practiced to perfection. At the very moment of the fatal shot the driver, William Greer, brings the limo to a near halt for the steadiness and concentration that is required. Greer had previously worked for the Lodge family of Boston who were bitter political rivals of the Kennedys. He was also an Irish Protestant.Obviously he did not act alone but the mystery of the fatal shot brings closure to that aspect of the assassination mystery. Though I had always given little attention to the actual trigger men in my personal research it sure is gratifying to see a solid piece of evidence in the case. Thanks to all those involved in bringing this piece of the puzzle into focus.