Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jacob Frank & Jacob Rothschild

I'm trying to connect the Rothschilds more solidly to Shabbatai Tzvi and Jacob Frank.

It occured to me that Baron James may have been named after Yaakov Frank.

Jacob "Yaakov" Frank died in the Frankfurt suburb of Offenbach in 1791. Yaakov Rothschild was born in Frankfurt in 1792.

Young Yaakov (James)de Rothschild

Baron James de Rothschild

Yaakov (Jacob)Frank

Jacob Frank's  Deathbed
Jacob Frank's Deathbed Scene

As far as the Rothschilds descending from Shabbatai Tzvi...

If the Rothschilds are from Levites or Cohanim then it would not be possible to be direct male descendants of Shabbatai Tzvi as he was from Judah, being a Davidic descendant. So far I have not seen any evidence of the Rothschilds being Cohanim or Leviyim.

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