Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Cos Cob Three

On one side of McCloy's property lived Frederick Warburg, grandson of Jacob Schiff. (Jacob Schiff happened to live next door to the Rothschild ancestral home in Frankfurt, Germany before he immigrated to the U.S.).

On the other side of McCloy lived "McCloy's old fishing partner Henry Brunie,his wife, and their daughters, who considered McCloy an adopted uncle."p.504,The Chairman. Who was Henry Brunie? Read on.

It seems to me that the first plans for the Kennedy assassination were laid out in Cos Cob amongst these three men before the plan was handed over to Allen Dulles.

It was probably Brunie who came up with the Dallas location. He had lots of connections in Dallas.

A quick google search came up with this beauty:

Time Magazine:Monday, Jul. 12, 1954
"BIGGEST U.S. GAS DEAL has just been signed between Dallas' Oil & Gas Property Management, Inc. and Panoma Corp. of Amarillo, Texas, one of the biggest independent gas producers. O.G.P.M., formed two years ago by Manhattan Bankers Henry Brunie and C. L. Rice Jr. purchased $18 million in Southwestern properties, will buy up Panoma's entire holdings (two gas-extraction plants, 218 gas wells, 133,788 acres of leaseholds) for a total $118 million, pay for it with $40 million in cash, the rest out of production."

It seems McCloy managed to do some fishing in Vermont, Arizona and Texas (page 504,The Chairman). More than likely he fished in Texas with Brunie his old fishing partner.His brother-in-law,Lew Douglas, lived in Arizona.Who was in Vermont? In Vermont, both Baron Louis de Rothschild and Heinrich Bruning lived within the same area.Rothschild died in 1955. Bruning in 1970.


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