Sunday, December 2, 2007

Frederick Warburg's Estate in Middleburg,Virginia

In 1934, Frederick Warburg bought the property neighboring the Goodwin farm and built the Manor House that exists today. In 1939, Warburg bought the Goodwin property in order to enlarge his estate. Warburg and his wife, Wilma, maintained the fa├žade of the Goodstone mansion as a backdrop for a poured concrete, heated pool, built around 1948. The Warburgs also added the bath houses and arbors and landscaped the property. This created an elegant venue that the Warburgs used frequently for entertaining.

The Warburgs were part of the famed German and later New York banking family. They maintained a primary residence in New York City, as well. They used the farm during fox hunting season and intermittently as a fall and winter residence. The Warburgs renamed the estate Snake Hill Farm because of the winding road bordering the property near the Manor House. During their ownership, the property was operated continuously as a horse farm and as a dairy until the 1960s.

Present Day
The current owner purchased the property from the Warburg Estate in 1996.

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