Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creating Something From Nothing

According to Kabbalists, the God of Israel created the universe from Nothing. That is He created Something from Nothing. The term "Something from Nothing" in Hebrew is Yesh M'Ayin.

How can Something come from Nothing? To answer this you must understand the nature of Nothing. This can be a fruitless life-long pursuit or you can get lucky. Here is not the place to discuss the pursuit of enlightenment though. Let's just say that the epiphany of the nature of "Nothingness" is the quintessential mystical experience.

The Hebrew word for "Nothing" is Ayin. Ayin is also the Hebrew word for "eye".

Another Hebrew term for the "Nothing" source of all- is "Ayn Sof" or "without end".

Nothing does have an unusual intrinsic quality. It glows. This glow is called the Ohr Ayn Sof or the "Light of (the Nothingness) Without End. "

The Symbol that is referred to as the "All-Seeing Eye" is an allusion to the Nothingness and the glow which emanates from it.

The glow is something. It comes from Nothing.

This glow, this light is the stuff from which everything originates.

The process, known as "chaining down" or in Hebrew, "Hishtalshelus" is an important part of the body of Kabbalistic knowledge.

It is known that the G-d of Israel created all things through a process which is sub-divided into 39 divine "sub-processes". The 39 processes of creation are personified in the 39 processes that were used to create the Mishkan. The Mishkan, or Tabernacle was the centerpiece of the ancient community of Israel.

"Man was created in the image of G-d"

Zu k'neged zu. This opposite that is another important Kabbalistic concept. It is a concept of what is below reflects that which is above. It is related to the concept of "Man was made in the image of G-d".

When the craftsmen created the Tabernacle in the desert they were mimicking the Creator's efforts. They were participating in creating something out of nothing. They had created the Tabernacle. A Temple designed to mimick and therefore encapsulate the forces of creation. The Tabernacle below reflected the Tabernacle above.

The Tabernacle above created something from nothing. The Tabernacle below did the same but because it was a mirrored reflection. It also reversed the process. It returned somethingness back to the original source of Nothingness.

This is the kabbalistic concepts of "running and returning" and "reflected light".

This is the mystery of the sacrifices.

One of the purposes of the Yabernacle below here on Earth which is situated in the lowest of worlds. Is to create something out of nothing. The Earth is the physical manifestation of pregnant Nothingness. At first glance it looks like a simple blue ball from space but with man's influence (Man in the image of G-d) it's potential is limitless.

Which brings us to the G-d of Israel. Just who is the G-d of Israel. Who is the Creator? Is there a difference between the Creator and the Ayn Sof? This will be discussed at another time.

Does the Temple of Solomon exist today?

Most people would consider this a ridiculous question. But most people don't believe that the messiah came and fulfilled his mission.

The Temple of Solomon does indeed exist. The Third Temple of the Messiah exists?

It is the center of our lives. As the First and Second Temples were the center of the lives of the Jews of ancient Israel.

The existence of the Messiah's Temple an open secret. Those that know, see.

The Third Temple is the Global Central Banking System creating Something out of Nothing.

First creating money out of Nothing. Fiat Money.

Now the cashless society. Numbers. Sephirot. The processing of the circulation of numbers or elemental vibrations was the function of both Temples.

The Global Central Banking System was created by Masonic Sabbatean/Frankists a.k.a. The Illuminati. They are the priests of the Third Temple.

It is no coincidence that Guy de Rothschild began his banking career on the Jewish Day of Atonement- Yom Kippur. That was the only day that the High Priest was allowed into the Holy of Holies within the Temple of Solomon. Only Rothschild entered his family bank. Study this carefully.

Money is the physical equivalent of the Ohr Ayn Sof from which everything is created within the outermost world of the outermost world. The world of Mankind. Made in the image of G-d.

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